Hurrah for Insults for they make me Stronger!


Wailing in my ears. Loud silence in my environment. Sorrow encasing me and tears threatening to fall greet me as I face my so-called friends. Am I truly this alone?

Seeking solace, I bury myself in activities, hoping the distraction is enough to escape the loathing stares of my fellow classmen. Silent cries came from my lips everytime I pass the hallway. A familiar face brings apang of pain in my heart. Must I suffer this alone?

It is dark. No light can penetrate the walls of my prison. I fumble for guidance, groping blank walls. Unseen voices speak and throw insults. They laugh and rejoice at my misery. Is it only me?

Seeing you laugh doesn’t seem like a worthy prize for the burden I carry. Hearing you words make my ears bleed yet I pay no heed. I’m walking on thin ice and drowning in boiling water, and I let out a sob, a gasp as I see you happy. Are you really happy?

I stumbled, you smiled. I fumbled, you giggle. I fell, you laughed. I stood up, you were silenced. I smirked, you were nervous. I walked away, you were relieved. I was relieved. I smiled.

Why do I do it? Maybe for me. Maybe for you. Maybe for them.

Is it worth it? Maybe. Will I still do it? Definitely. Will I suffer? Yes.


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