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Death is the Coward’s Way Out!


Whenever a problem arises, ” I wish I would just die already!” is a regular statement. If not, there is always, ” Why won’t the Earth just swallow me up whole!” or ” I just wanna curl up in a ball and die!”

This also goes for when hope is lost or anguish, sorrow or hurt is experienced. But as one grows older, I realized, death means no more problems, no more suffering and no more hurt. But it also means, no more happiness, no more laughter and no more smiles. I f ever I die, my life would be in travesty.

At times, I still say it. but I added an after thought. ” Just Joking!” and now at times I still say it but I don’t feel like doing suicide, I don’t really mean it and I don’t think I am able to take death as a way to end my problems. Better yet, live life as a challenge, full of problems.

Problems are just problems. They come and go as the wind but life is not just life, it is everything worth living. Choosing death is the easy way out, where you feel no pain and no satisfaction. Be brave and face all odds, that is how you should live life. and tomorrow is another day full of problems to be tackled and overcomed. That is life.


Long-lasting Ties


This morning, I went to the Robinson’s Mall gensan branch. I watched a chess tournament. I was really there to support my friends, Jonathan Sadang and Jomarlds Ramoga, but I ended up doing more than that. I reconnected with Jeazzir Kline Surposa, a classmate of mine from grade 4, elementary. We talked and we laughed, we relived the closeness we had in our younger years and I realized, this is it. The thing I wanted feel. Imagine the long years of no communication and at this moment, we shared a link from the past and talked as if we were never apart for almost 6 years! That is true friendship, man!




I always hated the way people always blame the government for every single thing that goes wrong when the problem is really their fault. Like, complaining about flash floods. There won’t be any flash flood if the people won’t throw garbage anywhere.

I remember reading about corruption. There I learned that even simple cheating is considered corruption. I realized that corruption is not only present in the high places but also way down below. Simple cheating or even just letting somebody copy your answers is considered corruption at the simplest terms. If this this the real case, how can anyone say that they are innocent?

I admit being corrupt at one time, for I have done done my share of copying but will it help clear my conscience if I say that I never lied to someone, at least not directly?

No, it doesn’t. It also doesn’t change the fact that everyone was once or is still a corrupt whether they know it or not.

This is just an appeal to everyone to stop cheating. Cheating in exams not only cheat the teachers, you also cheat yourself out of your education. By stopping cheating, we stop a branch of corruption. So test papers anyone? And strictly NO CHEATING!!!





Cycle of love.


Disclaimer: picture from

I saw this picture from random browsing and was inspired. So here’s my opinion.

Heartbroken. Heart mending. Heart mended. Heartbroken. Heart mending. Heart mended. .
For me, love is an endless cycle. I see a perfect guy, get together with him, fight with him over something not thoroughly important, cry over my “supposed to be loss” of perfect guy material, move over, find a new guy and so on.
This sounds weird, coming from me, a girl with limited or no serious intimate relationship ever. I have my share of men and boys in every way imaginable and I still have my dignity, pride and chastity intact.
Boys will be boys and girls are still girls. No matter what we do, we can’t amount to what boys do ( though I believe that whatever boys do, girls can too, while wearing a skirt!). Men are just too insensitive to our girl needs. Follow my advice and leave him if he can’t seem to understand even a small tidbit of you. It’s not as if you’ll die without him ( unless you kill yourself ).
I pity girls who give everything to their partners because when the other leave them, they are left with nothing at all. Leave some for yourself girl!!!
I can’t really speak from their perspective. I’m just saying its not the end of the world if your HOT HOT HOT crush doesn’t return your affections. why don’t you try seducing his best friend. It just might work. *winks*




I was rejected! And by rejected I mean TOTALLY rejected! I made another blog for this contest ( and I was rejected.

I know it’s really my fault, but hey, I was trying to help my section. Still, I was in the wrong. Therefore, I should really be rejected!

But no matter, how real the truth is and how right sir Ariel is, it sting. the fact that I was REJECTED!