I always hated the way people always blame the government for every single thing that goes wrong when the problem is really their fault. Like, complaining about flash floods. There won’t be any flash flood if the people won’t throw garbage anywhere.

I remember reading about corruption. There I learned that even simple cheating is considered corruption. I realized that corruption is not only present in the high places but also way down below. Simple cheating or even just letting somebody copy your answers is considered corruption at the simplest terms. If this this the real case, how can anyone say that they are innocent?

I admit being corrupt at one time, for I have done done my share of copying but will it help clear my conscience if I say that I never lied to someone, at least not directly?

No, it doesn’t. It also doesn’t change the fact that everyone was once or is still a corrupt whether they know it or not.

This is just an appeal to everyone to stop cheating. Cheating in exams not only cheat the teachers, you also cheat yourself out of your education. By stopping cheating, we stop a branch of corruption. So test papers anyone? And strictly NO CHEATING!!!






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    • Hey thanks! I really did it to show support to the government and to stop students and pupils from cheating. I feel pity for the government cause they are always picked on by people and students are starting to rely on certain skills instead of their pure intelligence.

    • Glad to help! I just wish that people would start noticing the good things the government did and not focus on corruption because as I said, corruption starts below and not above. Some people are good but most are corrupt, they just don’t know it, especially students.

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