Death is the Coward’s Way Out!


Whenever a problem arises, ” I wish I would just die already!” is a regular statement. If not, there is always, ” Why won’t the Earth just swallow me up whole!” or ” I just wanna curl up in a ball and die!”

This also goes for when hope is lost or anguish, sorrow or hurt is experienced. But as one grows older, I realized, death means no more problems, no more suffering and no more hurt. But it also means, no more happiness, no more laughter and no more smiles. I f ever I die, my life would be in travesty.

At times, I still say it. but I added an after thought. ” Just Joking!” and now at times I still say it but I don’t feel like doing suicide, I don’t really mean it and I don’t think I am able to take death as a way to end my problems. Better yet, live life as a challenge, full of problems.

Problems are just problems. They come and go as the wind but life is not just life, it is everything worth living. Choosing death is the easy way out, where you feel no pain and no satisfaction. Be brave and face all odds, that is how you should live life. and tomorrow is another day full of problems to be tackled and overcomed. That is life.


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