My teachers, My Heroes


Teacher are really difficult people to understand. You can’t grip their perception on things and their reactions are far from their expectations.. And the most difficult thing is that when you think you know them, a different side of them appears, making you a lot more puzzled than before.

But I think their trait is a factor that binds me closer to them.  To most teachers, I may just be an average student who comes and goes after  four years, never to be seen again.

To a simple student, teachers are individuals to be endured for ten months every year for fifteen years or so.  To them, every Monday is dreaded and Friday is celebrated.

Well, to me, teacher are specks of gold, meant to be treasured for they are rare to find and valuable to man.  It takes luck to be able to find one in this world.

They bring happiness to be found and collected in my quest to my ultimate goal. A simple word from their lips sends hundred of tremors through my brain which branches out to ” Huh?” and “Ahh.”

They give off light and leave trails that enables me to follow a path towards a better future and the hints and pieces of puzzles they give to me are then pieced together to finish the puzzle of education and growing up.

Hundred of items and skills were passed down to me from different teachers and information and wisdom from them prove to be priceless in the world of moral etiquette.

The list for the things they’ve done to me, for me and for others is endless and this blog post is hardly the beginning. Saying thank you to them is not enough to compensate the pain, suffering and enduring they have to keep up with during the process of molding me into a better citizen, student and person.

I truly find it difficult to express gratitude in person but through my writings and ideas, I wish to let you understand that My Teachers are My Heroes!


This is an entry to the Thank You, Teacher Blogging Contest on The Teacher’s Notebook


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  1. btaw..tama jud..ang teacher dili lng teacher. ingon pa gani sila, paano ka magtudlo kng dili ka kblo? mao nang bilib jud ko sa mga teachers (maliban nga teacher pud akong nanay). they teach every, as in EVERY, profession in the wolrd. there would be no professional if not because of teachers. salamat sa tanang teachers! alabalabalabalabyou all!

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