The Red Pyramid


Cover. Check. Title. Check. Content. Check. Check.
Remember the time in English class where you need to make a story? It was never recommended to use the first person’s point of view. In fact, it is said to be lame. But those who said so should be fired and shut downed because this book just made it to the list of bestsellers using a first person’s point of view.
Rick Riordan finally broke the status quo once again with another book bound to make you regret buying the other one. Riordan wrote about Greek and Roman gods when the people are demanding vampire and werewolf paranormal romance and his books were neck to neck with others in the list in a different genre.
Sibling relationship is now in with him and just a bit of romance to keep the readers thirsty. Twists and turns and a whole of unspoken promises are sure to surprise you by the time you read the book. Seriously though, you should read it.
I mean, yeah, it’s not the first of its kind to use a first person’s view nor is it the original in using siblings as the main character. But his books are always a good read and he has never let down on expectations, he just exceeds them. His new series Kane Chronicles has such a divine starting point in the form of the first book, The Red Pyramid. The Red Pyramid might not be too smooth or too sassy or interesting compared to others, but it shows promises and thrills enough to make you want to buy the next one.
The introduction might be too much and too flashy but it serves purpose and justice to the content. After all, it is from a different perspective. The ending comes abrupt to you as the story is so-called ‘narrated from a digital recording’ and it’s a bummer that you know they get to do another adventure giving off the ‘suspense’ vibes to future events.
With a very distinguishable uniqueness, its flair comes from its unusual sense of magic and history from Egypt.
Carter and Sadie are at stand-offs, not very much surprising given their experience of growing up. The story is on a neutral base but readers are seemed to be more or less forced to pick a side ( I’m on carter’s …or maybe Sadie’s).
Most of the story is based on fact (yeah, I know… I did some research) but it is not at all boring or geeky. Maybe it is a bit geeky, but in a nice way. It’s actually nice to enjoy reading a book while picking up some random facts about Egypt from it.
The book may be overshadowed by the past series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians but red Pyramid is sure to make you feel like embarking on your own adventure. The book is a hit so save some pocket money and be sure to buy a copy ASAP.
Two thumbs up to Rick Riordan!



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