In Your Dreams ( In Your Dreams #1)

In Your Dreams ( In Your Dreams #1)

*Real rating: 3.60. 
*Received copy in exchange for honest review 

In Your Dreams ( In Your Dreams #1)

Amy Martin

Well, this story here is very unusual (ingenious!) and I thought for sure that it was of the paranormal genre. Later on I discovered it is more of angst type. Probably one of the firsts of its kind that I read *shoulder shrug, but that doesn’t really take away any of its charm. 

The story is about Zip (girl from the small town who is great in sports, great in academics and has her own circle of true friends) who meets transferee Kieran (who suffers from narcolepsy). The story is mostly focused on the development of their budding relationship with a background of Kieran’s mystery illness and family history. Not much but hey! its nice.

This is very reality based and could be very well attested by research from the narcolepsy to the basketball sport. The characters though are flat, and details are spoon fed but I do appreciate their personalities, they are so cute! 

The development of romance and plot are pretty slow and to think that I am almost three-fourths of the book when the story started picking up to the action part. There was no thrill of sorts that make your heart go pound. The thought of ‘what could happen next?’ Or ‘what would the story twist into?’ didn’t even cross my mind. The book just held onto my curiosity to finish without tickling my brain into action or my heart into feeling. The plus side is that I got to finish the story without stopping and did not expect anything so I wasn’t disappointed in everything.

The story is also very straightforward. There is also the part where there is no force that disrupts the romance. Hahaha. Yeah sorta weird read in a good way in the sense that most of the books under YA (but not all!) revolve around forbidden love and love quarrels so this is a breath of fresh air. 

Recommended for those who want a break from most mainstream plot developments, this one’s a keeper to keep calm from cliffhangers. Good reading everyone. 🙂


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