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This book is sure to give you a blind rush of forbidden love as passion ignites lovers LITERALLY as they come close to each other. A religious mistake breaks the cycle and as the past is revealed and explained, they have their first chance and attempt at their happy ending.

Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget

I have forgotten how many others had stepped over me, hurt me, stomped on my pride, pushed me around and pissed me off. But they are all part of my past and serves as a reminder to me that I should forgive and forget. Just think of the lost relationship if I never forgave them and to think that all those that I forgave now have a special bond with me. In fairness, some of them became my best friends and made a change for the better.

But not all of us can forgive and forget easily so hear are some things to put into mind when you’re in a sticky situation.

Listen to their side

There are some times that you catch glimpses or bits of conversation (especially when eavesdropping or stalking) that may affect you and your mood. But you should never get angry at the people you heard or saw because you don’t know the whole story.Better yet wait for them to tell you or if you’re really impatient, you can approach them ( in a nice way of course).

Think of a better revenge

Forgive people, even if they don’t apologize, then seek revenge in the bitterest way possible. (muhahaha!) The best revenge is to show to the person who hurt you that you are and will not be affected in any way that will make her happy. Act as if being hurt is the best experience ever and most often than not, it drives your enemies crazy ’cause they can’t affect you!

Think clearly

Sometimes we are affected too much by our emotions and this hinders us from thinking logically. Give yourself time to cool off, then try looking back to the past events. Anyway, this is just a part of your life, just another challenge to pass but your decisions will be forever. Generally, the rule is good triumphs over evil so forgiving is more divine so basically you’re doing the right thing.

Keep in mind your relationships

Don’t ever lose sight of the bigger picture. If you never forgave your friends, what would be its consequences. Bonds of friendships are thicker than water and this is just a test of friendship.

Let go of the pain

Holding unto grudges will only cause both parties pain. Better yet, have closure and talk with each other. That way, the both of you will understand each other. You also won’t be able to think if you’re in pain.

Realize that everybody makes mistakes

—> the bold letters above explains itself as to why and how to forgive.

Wait for it

As they always say, time heals all wounds. If you really can’t find it in your heart, mind and whole body to forgive, try searching again tomorrow, or the next day. There will always be a reason (or none) to forgive somebody.

I just wanted to give advice, that the sooner you forgive, the better. even if there are no connections to anything about forgiveness, what’s important is that you did the right thing. I know that the right thing is almost always the hardest thing to do but it just shows that those who forgive their friends and enemies are the strongest among us all.

Falling in love


Teenagers these days seem to succumb into hormones and emotions faster and harder compared to their parent’s generation.

Almost all of them are in a relationship and the remaining singles are busy with studies, waiting for the “right guy” or plain engrossed in something else. Rules and reprimands seem to serve no purpose anymore as the saying “rules are meant to be broken” became famous. Nobody obeys them anymore.  But as age comes into the picture, the question remains unanswered, “Are we ready for a relationship?”

Whether it is just peer pressure dictating we need a partner to belong with the crowd or hormones dictating love notes, nobody knows for sure. All we know is what we feel for that person and that is elation, joy and happiness. We go further into the relationship craving for the promise of love only to hit a hard wall as both parties fall out of love and realize the bitter end as a split is coming in.

A cries, screams and tantrums with a lot of thing-throwing follow. Tears , lots of them and greatest pain  are always at the end of goodbye and its either you part as friends or you part as enemies, you’ll still close that you are not meant to be for each other.

You might move on and let go or else you’ll stay, mourn, be left and hang on to a hopeless case of reconciliation. Things become awkward with you and your ex and you’ll always miss the feeling of having someone behind your back, of somebody comforting you.

Frankly, I don’t think twelve to sixteen years of experience is enough to say you are in love and if there is an instance that they have found the right one, well, pray, it isn’t the right time to work on loving them, and this institution is the least romantic getaway for any couple.

And frankly, who am I to dictate your hearts with your loving? But as life goes on  and my feelings and emotions roll in turmoil, with my pulse racing, my heart beating and my face flushing, God help me, I fervently hope I am not falling helplessly in love.


Functionality VS. Style


In the midst of our technology-infected world, beauty and fashion is still a big factor in terms of choosing gadgets.

Cool-looking devices are more often than not bought by individuals because of their outer appearance. In fact, most people look for an objects appearance before looking into their function.

But is it really worth it it, buying a device just for show? Nuh-uh-uh! It just  doesn’t work that way. Function plays a deeper role in devices compared to beauty.

Buying second-rate devices are just plain DUH just because of their cool exterior.  It is much recommended  to invest in a  device for its functionality.

Anyway, who would want to buy  a stylish device only to have it break down the next day. So better weighyour options and factors closely and choose a device that not too shabby on the outside but worth the money for its functionality.

Hanging On or Letting Go


There are only two choices in life–to let go or to hold on. Both pose different endings and different consequences.

As the most difficult choices, one can only fathom the twists and turns of events that follow the big decisions. Consequences vary from funny to insulting. Imagination is not enough to see the what ifs and what-could-bes of each side.

Life is screwed and nothing is much harder than choosing between forked roads or in this case, branching decisions. Courage is needed to make the decision and the risks or high for either part of the group.

Choosing to let go is painful but offers relief at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to even admit that one thing is not yours, never was yours and will never be yours.

Hanging on take a different kind of bravery for the one who decided to hang on is pelted by insults, unasked advice and unwanted suggestions. One can only imagine the suffering endured by those who chose to hang on.

One could never see the two sides of the coin at the same time and there is no middle path to trek on to safety. Regrets comes last and whatever path we choose, consequences follow.

Choose carefully and weigh your stakes and risks. But more importantly, trust your instinct, follow your heart and live life to the fullest. Because now is the time to decide whether to let go or to hold on.

Taken for granted


Here’s a list of things I took for granted and realized were essential in my life. Thumbs up to those who gave some to me and to those gave all to me. Hope you realize how important they are to me.

* Random smile – ever got the feeling of freshness every time a complete       stranger smiles at you? I get that feeling sometimes, but whenever I do, an invisible force  makes my lips curl upwards into a smile. Such brief exchanges between two people is very rare that’s why I treasure it. I t also seems like a     good way to find new friends.

*Hurtful insults – most of them contain the blunt truth and have insights that you can use to your advantage. Look  behind the spiky words to see the truth and change for the better.

*Help from friends – I always fall but friends always help pull me up whether from a failing grade or a stupid project I don’t have an idea on. I’m sure this is self-explanatory for all readers.

* Problems – Learn to appreciate challenges, life would be boring without them.  Still they may bring me down, but it is just so that  I have to stand up and start all over again.

* Failures – Curse the! Curse all problems! But cursing them won’t make them disappear. I always try to remember all my failures ( which are not hard to do so, cause they are SO embarrassing that I couldn’t get them out of my mind much lees forget them)  and use them as reminders of what I shouldn’t do.

* Other people’s mistakes – I don’t always have to make a wrong move to learn the lesson, right? I also keep track of other’s failures, just so I can avoid the same consequences. Saves me a lot of time than experiencing it first-hand.

*Small successes – -the small things I achieved, all are tiny steps towards my primary  and final goal. This statement is more than enough explanation.

It is the small things that matter the mos, the tiniest details and the minuscule perfections that make life a whole lot more beautiful. It should not be taken for granted but should be cherished and treasured, taken as a challenge, a form of motivation or as an inspiration to be used to propel us towards the winning goal in our life.