“Silver,” Grin called out. A pretty girl of 18 turned around to face him. A smile came upon her lips as she recognized the owner of the voice.

” Hey,” Silver replied. ” What’s up?”

Grin said nothing. Instead he bowed gallantly to the lady and offered his arm out.  Silver was taken back by surprise. Grin smiled and then asked, ” May I have this dance?”

Shock filled the eyes of Silver but not a few moments passed and they are now spinning on the dance floor. her grin grew wider as Grin swung her faster. It was evident from their faces that they are enjoying the dance.

The song came to a stop and couples turned to leave to  give others a chance.  Grin and Silver stopped dancing too but are still holding hands. Silver turned to go but Grin wouldn’t budge from the spot.

Grin stepped closer to Silver, invading more and more of her personal space. Silver stood her ground, anticipating what Grin would do.

” Silver,” Grin whispered to her ear. “you look beautiful tonight.”

Silver let out the breath she was unconsciously holding. ” Stop fooling around, nitwit,” she reprimanded, as she smartly smacked Grin’s shoulder. ” Your lies don’t fool me.”

“But I’m not lying,” Grin said in a-matter-of-fact tone. ” because you do look beautiful.”

Silver sighed and just shook her head at him. She caught Grin’s hand and pulled in the direction of the terrace. ” Hey,” she started. ” Let’s go outside.” Not waiting for his answer, she dragged him towards the swinging doors.

She led him away from the music and dancing to sit on the bench under the starry skies.

” Hey,” Silver tried to catch Grin’s attention. She stood up and walked until she was in front of Grin, with green sitting down and she standing up. ” Remember the time you confessed to me?” she asked.

Grin’s eyes darkened for a moment and the smile left his face. a few awkward moments passed before he answered, ” Yeah?”

“Well,” Silver said turning away. ” I just realized something.”

” And, ”   Grin butted in.

” Is it still available?” Silver finished looking up to the sky.

” Of course,”  Grin said with a laugh. “I’ve been waiting for your answer.”

“Okay…” Silver said walking away. Grin caught her hand and pulled her down to sit in his lap. She in turn  gasped in surprised but calmed down as soon as his arm s are around her.

“What are you doing?” Silver shrieked.

“Nothing,” Grin teased a reddening Silver.

Silver stopped squirming and sat up as straight as she could in Grin’s lap with a sigh, ” Did you know…” she started.

“NO, I don’t,” Grin butted in.

” Kay, ” exasperatedly said Silver, standing up.

Grin caught her hand and turned her so they are facing each other, standing up.She squeaked in surprise as she felt his arms surround her. ” Even after 3 years, you’re still shorter than me,” he said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Silver was about to sputter a response when Grin hushed her,” 3 years is a long wait, even for a patient man.” He let her  go and held her at arms length.

“So,” Silver said, feigning innocence.

” I still don’t have my answer,” Grin said, his grip tightening a bit but not enough to hurt Silver.

Silver pushed his arms away, taking in lungfuls of breath. As soon as the air hit her lungs, she burst out laughing. She moved backwards from him, doubling in laughter. She unfastened her shoes, and gathered up the hem of her dress and began to run laughing, away from Grin.

Suddenly she stopped and glanced back to see Grin walking dejectedly in the other direction, intending to return to the ballroom. She bolted towards his direction and stopped in front of him, rendering him unable to proceed.

” Do you really have to know?” Silver asked, gasping for breath. ” As in right now?”

Grin made a face at her and turned away.” Did you really feel something for me three years ago with my proposal?”

“Of course!” Silver answered.

” Then why won’t you answer me?”  Grin murmured, staring up at the stars.

“My answer?” Silver said, performing a thinking pose. She pulled Grin’s face down to her and stared directly into his eyes. ” Do you really want to know?” she asked once again.

Grin found her hands at either side of his face and held them.”Yes, I do. I really do Silver. Because I love you…” he answered in  a sigh unable to meet Silver’s eyes.

Silver smirked and then gave a full-out grin. ” You’re so cute!” she said as she pinched Grin’s cheeks. Grin laughed wryly but did not pull away.

” Silver,” Grin started saying staring back at the silly girl. ” I’m waiting.”

Silver sighed. She smiled and hugged Grin. Grin grunted a surprised snort at her sudden show of affection.

Silver pulled away and pulled Grin nearer. ” My answer is …” she started and for a moment, Grin held his breath. Silver stood on her toes, bracing her weight against Grin’s solid built and whispered against his lips,” Yes. I love you too.” And then she pulled away, skipping towards the abandoned bench.

Grin  was stunned at what she did. He touched his fingers to his lips slowly, the scene replaying and replaying on his head. Seconds passed before he realized the whole thing.

Life came back to his eyes and he yelled to the air,” YESSSS!” He turned around and raced in Silver’s direction and proceeded to put an arm around Silver.

Silver pushed him away and bolted to the other side, dodging Grin as a full-out chase issued as the two friends evolved into lovers, and became a lot more happier than before.




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