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Cycle of love.


Disclaimer: picture from http://www.lowdensitylifestyle.com/relationships-love-and-sex-part-1/http://www.lowdensitylifestyle.com/media/uploads/2010/02/relationships1.jpg

I saw this picture from random browsing and was inspired. So here’s my opinion.

Heartbroken. Heart mending. Heart mended. Heartbroken. Heart mending. Heart mended. .
For me, love is an endless cycle. I see a perfect guy, get together with him, fight with him over something not thoroughly important, cry over my “supposed to be loss” of perfect guy material, move over, find a new guy and so on.
This sounds weird, coming from me, a girl with limited or no serious intimate relationship ever. I have my share of men and boys in every way imaginable and I still have my dignity, pride and chastity intact.
Boys will be boys and girls are still girls. No matter what we do, we can’t amount to what boys do ( though I believe that whatever boys do, girls can too, while wearing a skirt!). Men are just too insensitive to our girl needs. Follow my advice and leave him if he can’t seem to understand even a small tidbit of you. It’s not as if you’ll die without him ( unless you kill yourself ).
I pity girls who give everything to their partners because when the other leave them, they are left with nothing at all. Leave some for yourself girl!!!
I can’t really speak from their perspective. I’m just saying its not the end of the world if your HOT HOT HOT crush doesn’t return your affections. why don’t you try seducing his best friend. It just might work. *winks*