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Functionality VS. Style


In the midst of our technology-infected world, beauty and fashion is still a big factor in terms of choosing gadgets.

Cool-looking devices are more often than not bought by individuals because of their outer appearance. In fact, most people look for an objects appearance before looking into their function.

But is it really worth it it, buying a device just for show? Nuh-uh-uh! It just  doesn’t work that way. Function plays a deeper role in devices compared to beauty.

Buying second-rate devices are just plain DUH just because of their cool exterior.  It is much recommended  to invest in a  device for its functionality.

Anyway, who would want to buy  a stylish device only to have it break down the next day. So better weighyour options and factors closely and choose a device that not too shabby on the outside but worth the money for its functionality.