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Hanging On or Letting Go


There are only two choices in life–to let go or to hold on. Both pose different endings and different consequences.

As the most difficult choices, one can only fathom the twists and turns of events that follow the big decisions. Consequences vary from funny to insulting. Imagination is not enough to see the what ifs and what-could-bes of each side.

Life is screwed and nothing is much harder than choosing between forked roads or in this case, branching decisions. Courage is needed to make the decision and the risks or high for either part of the group.

Choosing to let go is painful but offers relief at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to even admit that one thing is not yours, never was yours and will never be yours.

Hanging on take a different kind of bravery for the one who decided to hang on is pelted by insults, unasked advice and unwanted suggestions. One can only imagine the suffering endured by those who chose to hang on.

One could never see the two sides of the coin at the same time and there is no middle path to trek on to safety. Regrets comes last and whatever path we choose, consequences follow.

Choose carefully and weigh your stakes and risks. But more importantly, trust your instinct, follow your heart and live life to the fullest. Because now is the time to decide whether to let go or to hold on.