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Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget

I have forgotten how many others had stepped over me, hurt me, stomped on my pride, pushed me around and pissed me off. But they are all part of my past and serves as a reminder to me that I should forgive and forget. Just think of the lost relationship if I never forgave them and to think that all those that I forgave now have a special bond with me. In fairness, some of them became my best friends and made a change for the better.

But not all of us can forgive and forget easily so hear are some things to put into mind when you’re in a sticky situation.

Listen to their side

There are some times that you catch glimpses or bits of conversation (especially when eavesdropping or stalking) that may affect you and your mood. But you should never get angry at the people you heard or saw because you don’t know the whole story.Better yet wait for them to tell you or if you’re really impatient, you can approach them ( in a nice way of course).

Think of a better revenge

Forgive people, even if they don’t apologize, then seek revenge in the bitterest way possible. (muhahaha!) The best revenge is to show to the person who hurt you that you are and will not be affected in any way that will make her happy. Act as if being hurt is the best experience ever and most often than not, it drives your enemies crazy ’cause they can’t affect you!

Think clearly

Sometimes we are affected too much by our emotions and this hinders us from thinking logically. Give yourself time to cool off, then try looking back to the past events. Anyway, this is just a part of your life, just another challenge to pass but your decisions will be forever. Generally, the rule is good triumphs over evil so forgiving is more divine so basically you’re doing the right thing.

Keep in mind your relationships

Don’t ever lose sight of the bigger picture. If you never forgave your friends, what would be its consequences. Bonds of friendships are thicker than water and this is just a test of friendship.

Let go of the pain

Holding unto grudges will only cause both parties pain. Better yet, have closure and talk with each other. That way, the both of you will understand each other. You also won’t be able to think if you’re in pain.

Realize that everybody makes mistakes

—> the bold letters above explains itself as to why and how to forgive.

Wait for it

As they always say, time heals all wounds. If you really can’t find it in your heart, mind and whole body to forgive, try searching again tomorrow, or the next day. There will always be a reason (or none) to forgive somebody.

I just wanted to give advice, that the sooner you forgive, the better. even if there are no connections to anything about forgiveness, what’s important is that you did the right thing. I know that the right thing is almost always the hardest thing to do but it just shows that those who forgive their friends and enemies are the strongest among us all.