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Falling in love


Teenagers these days seem to succumb into hormones and emotions faster and harder compared to their parent’s generation.

Almost all of them are in a relationship and the remaining singles are busy with studies, waiting for the “right guy” or plain engrossed in something else. Rules and reprimands seem to serve no purpose anymore as the saying “rules are meant to be broken” became famous. Nobody obeys them anymore.  But as age comes into the picture, the question remains unanswered, “Are we ready for a relationship?”

Whether it is just peer pressure dictating we need a partner to belong with the crowd or hormones dictating love notes, nobody knows for sure. All we know is what we feel for that person and that is elation, joy and happiness. We go further into the relationship craving for the promise of love only to hit a hard wall as both parties fall out of love and realize the bitter end as a split is coming in.

A cries, screams and tantrums with a lot of thing-throwing follow. Tears , lots of them and greatest pain  are always at the end of goodbye and its either you part as friends or you part as enemies, you’ll still close that you are not meant to be for each other.

You might move on and let go or else you’ll stay, mourn, be left and hang on to a hopeless case of reconciliation. Things become awkward with you and your ex and you’ll always miss the feeling of having someone behind your back, of somebody comforting you.

Frankly, I don’t think twelve to sixteen years of experience is enough to say you are in love and if there is an instance that they have found the right one, well, pray, it isn’t the right time to work on loving them, and this institution is the least romantic getaway for any couple.

And frankly, who am I to dictate your hearts with your loving? But as life goes on  and my feelings and emotions roll in turmoil, with my pulse racing, my heart beating and my face flushing, God help me, I fervently hope I am not falling helplessly in love.