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All in the first section are geniuses, all in the bottom section are dumb and the middle section is for people who have no place to go to. In other words, people who belong nowhere.

That stereotyping is common and is pure nonsense. Most of the people in the first section are just plain studious or else, hardworking. People in the last section are not necessarily dumb, they just find difficulty keeping up with their studies, or maybe they don’t care enough for their studies.

That is plain stereotyping. But this is an example of a UNJUST stereotyping:

The hostage taking of one Filipino made the whole tourism business of the Philippines to suffer as well as dragging the good name of the country across mud when the good people of said country spent years to polish the name Philippines.

Because of a single man, the whole country was regarded as a land of hostility, law-breakers and criminals. Can you believe that just because of the action of a man, the whole country suffered the consequences. Filipinos are stereotyped in a bad way. People don’t even notice the good values and deeds achieved anymore.

That’s how I feel, people do the good thing and just because some stupid trick, others stereotype you, just because you are in the same country, or the same state or the same section, people stereotype you because of an infamous trick of a single person.

People shouldn’t stereotype. It’s not good, not to mention it hurts the feelings of those you are stereotyping. That’s for sure.