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Taken for granted


Here’s a list of things I took for granted and realized were essential in my life. Thumbs up to those who gave some to me and to those gave all to me. Hope you realize how important they are to me.

* Random smile – ever got the feeling of freshness every time a complete       stranger smiles at you? I get that feeling sometimes, but whenever I do, an invisible force  makes my lips curl upwards into a smile. Such brief exchanges between two people is very rare that’s why I treasure it. I t also seems like a     good way to find new friends.

*Hurtful insults – most of them contain the blunt truth and have insights that you can use to your advantage. Look  behind the spiky words to see the truth and change for the better.

*Help from friends – I always fall but friends always help pull me up whether from a failing grade or a stupid project I don’t have an idea on. I’m sure this is self-explanatory for all readers.

* Problems – Learn to appreciate challenges, life would be boring without them.  Still they may bring me down, but it is just so that  I have to stand up and start all over again.

* Failures – Curse the! Curse all problems! But cursing them won’t make them disappear. I always try to remember all my failures ( which are not hard to do so, cause they are SO embarrassing that I couldn’t get them out of my mind much lees forget them)  and use them as reminders of what I shouldn’t do.

* Other people’s mistakes – I don’t always have to make a wrong move to learn the lesson, right? I also keep track of other’s failures, just so I can avoid the same consequences. Saves me a lot of time than experiencing it first-hand.

*Small successes – -the small things I achieved, all are tiny steps towards my primary  and final goal. This statement is more than enough explanation.

It is the small things that matter the mos, the tiniest details and the minuscule perfections that make life a whole lot more beautiful. It should not be taken for granted but should be cherished and treasured, taken as a challenge, a form of motivation or as an inspiration to be used to propel us towards the winning goal in our life.